Animal care

Medical laser is a strong alterantive to anti-inflammatory drugs, completely free of any side-effects.

Irradia's medical lasers are well suited for treating horses and other animals, and are excellent treatment options for wounds and inflammatory symptoms. Combined with our courses and support, obtaining good results will be easy.


MID-LASER consists of a table unit (base unit) to which different laser handsets (laser probes) are connected. The base unit controls the system's drift function while treatment is performed with the laser handset. MID-LASER has an inbuilt lithium ion-battery which means it can be used without an electric source, but it is primarily intended to be used connected to an electric mains outlet.


MID-LITE is a professional medical laser, developed to be easily used and transportable. It is easy to take with you when working out of doors, when visiting patients or even in the clinic. MID-LITE has an inbuilt chargeable lithium ion battery which is charged and can even be used when connected to an electric mains outlet.